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Kotovskij: продам Presonus FIREPOD!!!

21.01.2011 12:01, 137 месяцев назад

продам Presonus FIREPOD!!!

PreSonus FirePod FireWire Audio Interface Features:

•High-Speed FireWire Network Audio Interface

•Up to 96K Sampling Rate

•8 Discrete Microphone Preamps (+60dB gain) w/ Trim Control

•8 Analog Mic/Line Inputs, 2 Instrument Inputs

•8 Analog Line Outputs

•S/PDIF Digital Input and Output, MIDI Input and Output

•Balanced Send / Return for Channels 1 and 2

•Zero Latency Monitoring

•Separate Main and Cue Mix Outputs

•Cubase LE Audio Production Software Included

Cena: 190LS
t. 29396156


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